Kullanım Şartları

I. Scope and change of terms of use

These General Terms of Use apply to all contents and services offered by VAB in the context of the online offer tbuls.com (hereinafter “Offer”). In addition, there are lotteries listed in Section XIII. listed general competition conditions. In individual cases, additional special terms and conditions may apply to special offers. The user is referred to these special terms and conditions in the appropriate place of the respective offer separately.
For non-registered users, these Terms of Use shall apply in the current version when the Usage Act is performed. For registered users, these terms of use apply in the version prevailing at the time of registration. Changes to the Terms of Use will be announced to registered users by email at least four weeks in advance. They are considered as accepted by the user if the user does not object to the changes within four weeks of receipt of the announcement. Timely dispatch of the opposition within the specified period is sufficient. The objection can be addressed by post or email to the addresses mentioned in the imprint. VAB undertakes to separately inform the user in the e-mail announcing the changes the importance of the four-week period and the legal consequences of his silence. The legal consequence mentioned only occurs if the notice has actually been given. VAB reserves the right, in the event that the user opposes the changes, to terminate the contract properly in accordance with section X.2 of these Terms of Use.

II. Conditions of provision

The mere provision of free content for retrieval and the corresponding retrieval by the user does not constitute a contractual relationship between VAB and the respective user.
VAB always endeavors to ensure the proper functioning of the offer but is not responsible for the uninterrupted usability or accessibility of the offer. This applies in particular to technical delays, interruptions or breakdowns of the offer, the Internet or access to the Internet.
VAB creates its own content to the best of its knowledge and in compliance with industry-standard standards of care. In addition, VAB is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the content.
VAB reserves the right to change parts of the offer or the offer as a whole without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently. Claims do not accrue to users from this.
VAB reserves the right to exclude non-registered users in the exercise of their virtual home right from the use of the offer. For registered users, point X applies.

III. Registration

While the passive use of the website does not require registration, registration as a user is a prerequisite, in particular for active participation in the community, ordering the newsletter, participating in sweepstakes and/or purchasing in the webshop. There is no right to registration. If VAB accepts the user’s application for registration, a free of charge usage contract is concluded between the respective registered user and VAB. A transfer of the user agreement to a third party is not permitted to the user. Multiple registrations are prohibited.

Each user undertakes to provide correct and complete information as part of their registration and, in particular, not to violate the rights of third parties. A violation of the rights of third parties is given, inter alia, if personal information or other data of third parties are used without their consent, e.g. the name or the e-mail address.

Registered users can change or update their credentials themselves at any time in their customer account. If a user wants to block his customer account, he can turn to the address or email address stated in the imprint. A blocking application shall also be deemed to be a termination of the user agreement in accordance with Section X.1 or X.4.

The registered users are responsible for the confidentiality of the access information (or password) given to them or chosen by them and are liable to the VAB for any damage resulting from culpable breaches of these due diligence obligations. Each registered user is required to promptly inform VAB in the event of loss or unauthorized use of its access information.

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